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Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear deformity usually occurs by genetic factors. This deformity is dispelled by the implementation of prominent ear surgery. The prominent ear surgery, which is called as otoplasty in medicine, happens to be a permanent solution to this issue. This issue is the most leading one among ear disorders. In case that the ears, which complement esthetically the appearance of the face, are prominent , various psychological problems arise among people. Even if this problem is tried to be concealed with hair in the forthcoming periods, not much success might be achieved with this application. Especially the kids experience psychological problems pretty much in this particular. Thus, as from the age of 5 or 6 when the ear cartilage has completed its growth, this issue should be resolved permanently via prominent ear surgery. These operations should not be considered as mere plastic surgeries, as they resolve the prominent ear problem which causes some psychological problems among people.

When is the earliest period of implementation of prominent ear surgery?

Prominent ear deformity stands out as the most prevalent  deformity among society. The fact that this deformity is congenital shows us that the prominent ear issue is genetic. The growth of the ear, in other words, the shaping of the cartilage tissues continues up to the age of 5 to 6. It has been observed that the kids who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their ears may experience a lack of communication with their social environment. The prominent ear deformity which might be a mental issue for kids should be corrected before school age. In order the kids not to go through a trauma at school age, prominent ear surgery should be performed earlier. This operation may be implemented to people of all ages who have completed their growth. However, according to the authorities, it should be performed before school age.

The prominent ear operation performed with surgical method is irreversible. With prominent ear surgery, ears are reshaped permanently.

How to take decision for prominent ear surgery?

After studying the structure of the ears on clinical examination, it shall be decided how to correct them, and the operation shall be planned. Even if there is a deformity only in one ear, both ears may require a treatment in some cases in order to ensure symmetry. Having decided that the prominent ear surgery is a necessity, patients shall be told about the points to take into consideration before and after the surgery. The type of the anesthesia for the operation and the surgical methods shall be clearly explained to the patient by the doctor.

How is prominent ear surgery performed?

Through the prominent ear surgery performed with an unnoticeably small cut behind the ear, the pinnae is permanently reshaped. Cartilage structures in ear are reshaped being stabilized at the proper angle with permanent sutures. This operation provides a permanent correction of the ear shape. The greatest benefit of the operation is that there is no possibility of recurrence of the prominent ear deformity.  For kids under 10 to 12, the operation is performed under general anesthesia, whereas local anesthesia is preferred for older people. The operation for both ears is completed in about one hour. After the operation, bandage is applied to repress the ears. People who have not been treated under general anesthesia might be discharged from the hospital in the same day. Bandages over ears should not be removed for 5 days. At the end of this period, bandages are removed by the doctor, and patients' ears are supported with tennis bandana. After an operation leaving no noticeable scar behind and resulting with success, the self-confidence of the people rises and they cling to life better.

Is the prominent ear surgery a risky operation?

Risk ratio of these operations are quite low.  However, since they are surgical interventions, they may have potential risk factors. These factors involve the risks such as the surgical site infection, bleeding and hemostasis.  Although these are very rare complications, patients are given background information. The most important problems confronted by patients aesthetically are asymmetries of ears. Many patients may have asymmetry problems even before the operation. The correction of those is not always so simple.  However, there are also some cases where initially symmetrical ears may become asymmetric after the operation. Another probable issue is that the ears are repositioned closer to the head via operation. But such issues are encountered rarely.

When is it possible to get back into circulation after prominent ear surgery?

As soon as they get back to work and social life, male and female patients undergoing this operation might have different experiences.  Since the women normally use the hair band as an accessory, they might get back into circulation at once after the operation.  But since the men do not have the same chance, they might need to wait a little to get back into circulation. Hair band application is more practical than the classical application of bandage.

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