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Philosophical approach to aesthetics


Aesthetics is not only the assessment and judgment of beauty; it is a philosophy as well.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that eye is very much dictated by what it has previously been exposed to.

Also “beauty” per se is a collective assessment, and for the work to be qualified as “beautiful”, there must be agreement among others.

As such, the interpretation of beauty, whilst being a crowd based phenomenon, is conceptually of two parts: Aesthetics and taste.

Aesthetics is the philosophical idea of beauty, whereas taste is a cultural expression of approval of such beauty, which can be influenced by class, cultural background, and education rather than intrinsic values.

Dr. Cem Payasli's personal aesthetic philosophy, more than a decade of expertise, delicate hands and perfectionist work ethic, his ability to optimally balance customized transformation specific to the person's conditions, his large exposure to different cultures, tailor-made approach for each single/tiny act will make you reach your ideal beauty appreciated by majority.

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