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Nova Juvena Face



Nova Juvena Face Technique is the Op.Dr.Cem Payaslı’s Face Rejuvanation technique that Cem Payaslı has implemented over 10 years of experience, operations performed by more than ten thousand, combined with recognized / experienced hand ability.

At Payaslı Clinic, mainly a younger face is the most demanded result by clinical patients.

How was Nova Juvena Face born?

Most of the valuable patients coming to Payaslı Clinic are in search of an aesthetic and surgical touch for their faces. Over the years Op.Dr. What Cem Payaslı observed is that the surgeries performed separately usually only change the specific region in a positive way. The regions that are not touched, but still needed to be touch, remain remarkable according to other parts of the face. Op Cem Payaslı believes that the youth in the professional sense is holistic, that is, when we consider the face rejuvenation with a holistic view, the combined applications for the needs of the operation will be very effective. In this respect, when we consider the facial rejuvenation, when we adapt multiple touch points in parallel to the person's closest to his youth, we get great results both very natural and youthful.


What is Nova Juvena Face?


With this perspective of Op.Dr Cem Payaslı, brings together many surgical interventions that are normally applied separately and combine them in a single operation. In time, he knows very well which methods should be applied to each point in the face for the long term results.

For Nova Juvena Face technique,  the most critical decision made by Op.Dr Cem Payaslı is the selection and implementation of the most appropriate method for each surgical intervention. Op Dr. Cem Payaslı combines  a wide variety of methods and devices to renew surgically the face of the patient who wants to be reshaped for a younger look.

In this technique, a single surgery, forehead, temple, cheek, chin, tear and eye regions are targeting the youth. In the Nova Juvena Face technique, the most frequently performed surgical interventions in patients are; upper and lower eyelid surgery, lift technique for forehead, eyebrow and cheeks,  fat injection for the forehead, eyebrow and cheeks when required.

Who is Nova Juvena Face applicable to? How is the operation period and the healing process?

It can be applied to all women who want to have a younger and beautiful appearance. The operation lasts about 2 hours and patients should stay in hospital for 1 night. The patient is discharged the next day. While the healing process is exactly 2 weeks, we can observe the optimum results from 3 to 6 months.

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