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Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Plastic Surgery

The thinnest skin is found on our eyelids. Therefore, over the years, the eyelids sag and eye bags are revealed due to the gravity and ageing. So, the person begins to look tired and aged suffering from visual disorders and pressure in the eye at the same time.

Upper eyelid surgery is not only approved cosmetically, but also health-wise for the reason that this problem reduces the quality of life. Eyelid surgery should be performed by the surgeon carefully, accurately and professionally. Our eyelids recover much faster compared to other regions of out body. Since the upper eyelid is hidden at the base of eyelashes during the treatment, it is hard to notice the cut scar when looked at.

As long as the upper eyelid treatment is performed to the suitable patient accurately, it is an operation that rather rejuvenates the person, and provides a livelier and healthier look. The procedure lasts about one hour. It may be performed under local or general anesthesia. This decision should be up to the surgeon's choice. The patient is discharged from the hospital within the same day and she/he may get back to her/his usual social life within a week.

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