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Dermabrasion or abrasion is a procedure in order to smooth the rough look at the skin surface. It is mostly implemented in order to remove acne scars and skin disorders for various reasons. Other fields of implementation are removal of tattoo scars and skin blemishes, and to enhance the look of skin.

It is possible to split the skin into two parts such as epidermis (upper part) and dermis (lower part). Epidermis always regenerates itself. But dermis never regenerates itself. With dermabrasion method, all of the epidermis and the top layer of dermis is removed, in other words, this treatment is the excoriation of the skin's surface layer. When the skin's surface layer is excoriated, it is possible to get rid of blemishes, skin disorders and thin wrinkles within the removed part. With the healing of excoriated skin, a smoother, more stretched and fresher skin is revealed.

The surgery is performed either local or general anesthesia depending on the surface area of the region to be dermabrased.  The procedure may last about 1 to 1.5 hours again depending on the surface area. After the operation, the patient may generally return to home in the same day. The treatment is performed by means of excoriation of the skin with the help of a motor rotating rapidly a diamond wheel at the tip.

After the operation, a little pain as burning sensation might be felt, but it may be easily restrained with simple painkillers  Depending on the excoriation of the skin, there will be an open wound at the treatment area.

If the wound is on a region not covered by clothes, no bandages are applied, but it is left open pomading it properly. If the wound is on a region covered by clothes, it is enveloped properly with a dressing or dried so that the clothes do not damage the wound by contacting it. Following the operation, one may take a bath in a few days. It takes 5 to 10 days for the wounds to heal and close. When an healed wound is covered by a fresh skin, it takes a pinkish color. This pinkish color pales in time and takes the normal skin color.

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