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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Every woman wants to have plump and lifted breasts all her life. However, many women either have genetically small breasts or lose their breast tissue due to lactation after giving birth. Best and healthiest solution for small breasts is silicone breast prosthesis implantation.

The brand and quality of breast prosthesis is an element which is just as important as the doctor's experience and should be taken into consideration. It is an inexpiable mistake to use low quality breast prosthesis in order to reduce the cost.

Before deciding for this treatment, one should utterly understand the patient's expectation and have a long talk with her in order to identify the right measure for her body. As in every operation, the fact which I am mostly careful about in my breast prosthesis treatments is that I never promise my patient more than I could manage.
Unfortunately, the breast prosthesis alone may not be sufficient for some patients. For patients who have breasts sagging too much, using breast prosthesis may cause unhappiness. Breast prosthesis should be combined with breast lift treatment in such cases, because the important thing is that the patient eventually has the breasts as she desires after the treatment, not what she approves to be done.

The operation lasts about one hour, and the patient is hosted in hospital for one night. A special bra should be used after the operation. On my opinion, as long as the breast prosthesis is implemented to right patient, it is one of the best resulting operations among plastic surgery.

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